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freedom struggle:important events 2

year                                 freedom struggle:important events

1917                               mahatma gandhi launches the champaran campaign in Bihar to focus attention on
                                       greivances of indigo planters in april
1917                               The secretary of state for india,montague,declares that the goal of british
                                       goverment in india is introduction of responsible goverment on 20th august
1918                               Begining of trade union movement in india
1919                               Rowlatt bill introduced on feb 16 , 1919
1919                               The jallianwala bagh tragedy took place on 13th april in amritsar
1919                               The house of commons passes Montague chemsford reforms or the goverment of
                                       india act,1919 on 5th december.The new reforms under this act came
                                       into operation in 1921
1920                               first meeting of the all india trade union congress,(under narain malhar joshi)
1920                               the indian national cngress(INC) adopts the non cooperation resolution december
1920-22                          Mahatma gandhi suspends non co-operation movement on feb 12 after the vio-
                                       lent incidents at chauri-chaura
1922                               Moplah rebellion on the malbar coast in august
1923                               Swaraj party was formed by motilal neharu and others on 1st january
1924                               The communist party of india starts its activities at kanpur
1925                               The kakori train conspiracy case in august
1927                               The british prime minister appoints simon commission to suggest future constitu-
                                       tional reforms in india
1928                               simon commision arrives in bombay on feb all india hartal is called lala lajpat
                                       rai assaulted by police at lahore
1928                               Neharu report recommend principles for the new constitution of india.All parties
                                       conference considers the neharu report august 28-31,1928
1928                               Lala lajpat rai died on 17th november due to injuries
1929                               Sarda act passed:prohibs marriage of girls below 14 and boys 18 years of age

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