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freedom struggle:important movements 3
years                          freedom struggle:important events

1929                          All parties muslim conference formulates the 'Fouteen points' under the leadership of
                                  jinnah on 9th march
1929                          bhagat sing and batukeshwari dutt throw a bomb in the central legislative assen on 8th                                   april
1929                          Lord irwins announce that the goal of british policy in india was the grant of the
                                  Dominion statuson 31st october
1929                          The lahore session of INC adopts the goal of complete independence(Purn swarajya)
                                  for india : jawaharlal neharu hoist the tricolour on the banks of the ravi at lahore on
                                  31st december
1930                          First independence day observed on 26th january
1930                          The working committee of INC meets at sabarmati and passes dissobedience
                                  resolution on 14th february
1930                          Mahatma Gandhi launches the civil disobedience movement with his epic Dandi mar
                                  (mar 12 to april 6).First phase of the civil disobedience movement ; mar 12 1930 to
                                  mar 5,1931
1930                          First round table conference begins in london to consider the report of the simon
                                  commition on 30th november
1931                          on 5th march the gandhi irwin pact was singned and the civil disobedience movement                                     was suspended
1931                          bhagat singh sukhdev and rajguru were executed on 23rd march
1931                          second round table conference took place on 7th september
1931                          Gandhiji return from london after the deadlock in 2nd RTC on 28th december.
                                  launches civil disobedience movement. The INC declared illegal.
1932                          Gandhiji was arrested imprisoned without trial on 4th january
1932                          British prime minister Ramsay macdonald announce the infamous "communal award"
                                  on 16th august.
1932                          Gandhiji in jail begins his epic "fast unto death"against the communal award on 20th
                                  september and ends the fast on the 26th of the same month after the poona pact
1932                          the third round table conference begins in london (nov 17 to dec 24)                          
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