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Freedom struggle:important events 1
 year                    Indian freedom struggle; important events

1857                  mutiny against the British
1858                  goverment of India act 1858
1861                  India council act 1861 
1885                  India national congress is found by A.O Hume
1905                  partition of bengal is anounced
1906                  Muslim league was founded at Decca on 31st december
1907                  Seditious meeting act 1907
1908                  Khudiram bose was executed on 30th april  
1908                  Tilak was sentenced to six years on charges of sedition on 22nd july
1909                  minto-morley reforms of Indian council act - 21st may
1910                  Indian press act 1910
1911                  Delhi durbar held.partition of bangal is cancelled
1911                  New Delhi established as new capital of India
1912                 A bomb was thrown on Lord Hardinge on his state entry into delhi on 23rd december
1914                 The gadar party was formed at san fransisco on 1st november
1914                 Tilak was released from jail on 16th june
1914                Outbreak the 1st world war 4th august
1915                 Mahatma Gandhi arrived in India on 9th january
1915                Gopal krushn gokhale died on 19th february
1916                Tilak founded Indian home rule league with its headquarter at poona on 28th april
1916                Annie Besant started another home rule league on 25th september
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