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Daily Current Affairs 12 May 2016

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National affairs

1) Four new judges cleared by the president Pranab Mukherjee for the supreme court and they will be sworn on this Friday ( 14th may).
2) The ICC international council commission announced that it will leave the suspension from Sri Lanka’s batsman Kusal Perera.
3) Santosh Bhardwaj (kidnapped by the pirates in Nigeria ) is been rescued says Sushma swaraj on 10th may.
4) The chopper scam’s middle person Christian Michel in the Agusta Westland helicopter Deal says he never met the congress party president Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh and they never forced him for the deal.

International affairs

1) 86 people killed in the bomb blast near Baghdad’s eastern district of Sadr city by the IS(Islamic state) and 85 people are wounded.
2) Motur Rahman Nizami ( party head of Jamaat-e-Islami ) hanged on this 10th may for 1971 war crimes .
3) According to the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 3000 militants of the extremist group ISIS is killed by the turkey army .
4) President of brazil Dilma Rousseff is facing possible Impeachment for breaking fiscal laws.


1) Arunachal has now been the hopes of the Party Congress – the party wants an apology from the PM Narendra Modi if the court in the Uttarakhand gives a vote of confidence to the congress.
2) The MHA ( ministry of home affairs ) Anand Joshi who was raided by the CBI for corrupt Practices and was suppose to be present in front of the CBI on 11th may go missing .


1) The suggestion of Import of 70 to 80 million metric standard cubic metres of natural gas for India’s gas power plants is passed by Piyush goyal the “minister of power “.
2) 64,394 crore which is approximately 41.8 percent is registered as the growth of indirect tax collections in the month of April 2016.
1) NASA announced 1284 new planets orbiting stars other than our solar system known as exoplanets on 10th may 2016
2) A team of scientists including an Indian scientist invents a strained bacteria that helps to enable the “ one-pot” way that helps to produce advanced BIO fuels from an already treated plant material.
1) Tony cozier ( a very famous West Indies cricket writer and commentator) passes away at the age of 75yrs.
2) Markos Kalovelonis a Russian player beaten by the Ramkumar Ramanathan in the first round .

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