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Current Affairs Questions and Answers - June 18, 2015

Q1. What is the aim of the new Bureau of Indian Standards Bill 2015 bill approved by Cabinet on 17th June’15 to replace the existing Bureau of Indian Standards BIS Act?

A. To bring in more products under the mandatory standard regime
B. End the Inspector raj
C. Compulsory hallmarking of precious metal articles
D. All of these

ANSWER: D. All of these

The new bill proposes to bring in more items under the mandatory system to ensure quality products to consumers. Currently, only products and systems come under the ambit of standards and the bill proposes to include services, besides articles and processes under the standardisation regime. The bill also provides for compulsory hallmarking of precious metal articles, widening the scope of conformity assessment, to enhance penalties and to make offences compoundable. The new bill also envisages setting up of the Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) as the National Standards Body of India, which will perform its functions through a governing council consisting of a President and other members.

Q2. What is the target approved by Cabinet for India’s solar power capacity by 2022 under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission?

A. 10 Thousand MW
B. 1000 KW
C. 1 Lakh KW
D. 1 Lakh MW

ANSWER: D. 1 Lakh MW

The Cabinet gave its approval on 17th June’15 for stepping up India’s solar power capacity target under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission by five times, reaching 1,00,000 Mega Watt by 2022. The target will principally comprise of 40,000 mega watt Rooftop and 60,000 mega watt through Large and Medium Scale Grid Connected Solar Power Projects. With this ambitious target, India will become one of the largest Green Energy producers in the world, surpassing several developed countries.

Q3. On 17th June’15 Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) told the Delhi High Court that it cannot include transgender as a third gender for applying for civil services exam as the category was not yet clearly defined by the ________.

A. President of India 
B. Parliament
C. Supreme Court
D. Prime Minister of India 

ANSWER: C. Supreme Court

The PIL, which has sought quashing of UPSC's notice for Civil Services preliminary examination to the extent of the gender or sex eligibility criteria, has now been listed for hearing on July 27. The petition has contended that lack of the third gender option has resulted in transgender not being able to apply for examination which is scheduled to be held on August 23.

Q4. Name the Mobile App of Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched on 17th June’15 to provide instant updates and an opportunity to receive messages and emails
directly from him?

A. Narendra Modi 
B. PM India
C. Pradhan Sevak 
D. Pradhan Mantri

ANSWER: A. Narendra Modi

The Android-based app, Narendra Modi mobile app is also aimed at giving a chance to people to interact with the Prime Minister and share ideas and suggestions. The App has several innovative features and it can be download from Play Store.

Q5. Name the title of the book released on 17th June’15 that has been complied by Dr. Imran Chaudhary and Abhijeet Singh published by Muslim Rashtriya Manch?

A. Yoga and Islam
B. Islamic Yoga
C. Yoga for All
D. Karma Yoga

ANSWER: A. Yoga and Islam.

The book clearly indicates that Yoga has nothing to do with religion and is universally accepted.

Q6. Name the party led by P A Sangma whose recognition has been suspended by the Election Commission for its failure to file the election expenditure statement for 2014 Lok Sabha elections?

A. Sangma Rashtriya Dal
B. Sangma People’s Party
C. Meghalaya People Party
D. National People's Party 

ANSWER: D. National People's Party

It is the first case where recognition of a party has been suspended by it under Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order 1968, for its failure to follow the lawful directions of the Commission. Since the elections to the Lok Sabha and elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim, were completed on 28th May 2014, the political parties were required to submit their election expenditure statements by 26th of August 2014.The Commission had issued two reminders to the NPP to submit the required statement after the due date had long expired.

Q7. Name the continent that has overtaken Europe as the world's second richest region?

A. Oceania
B. North America
C. Asia
D. Africa


According to an annual report by the Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm, the Asia Pacific, excluding Japan, held 47 trillion dollars in private wealth last year as the number of new millionaires rose in China and India. North America is the world's richest region with 51 trillion dollars, but is expected to be surpassed by Asia in 2016. Asia is also projected to hold 34 per cent of global wealth in 2019. As in both 2012 and 2013, Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan, remained the fastest growing region in 2014.

Q8. The NDA Government has decided to increase the number of workdays under MGNREGA from 100 days to ______ days in drought-affected areas.

A. 150 days
B. 200 days
C. 125 days
D. 300 days

ANSWER: A. 150 days

MGNREGA promises 100 days of work every year to rural households across the country. The Centre will bear the cost of providing work to rural households for 50 more days and it will be applicable to only the households which complete 100 days of work.

Q9. Name the player who became the first Indian footballer to score 50 international goals?

A. Sardar Singh
B. Sunil Chhetri 
C. I M Vijayan
D. Baichung Bhutia

ANSWER: B. Sunil Chhetri

He achieved this feat in his team’s 2018 World Cup qualifying match against on 16 June at Tamuning (Guam). Former captain Bhaichung Bhutia stays at the second spot with 42 goals in 107 matches while IM Vijayan has 40 goals from 79 games.

Q10. Which state government has approved an Anti spitting law on 16th June’15?

A. Goa
B. Haryana
C. Maharashtra
D. Tamil Nadu

ANSWER: C. Maharashtra

Maharashtra will become the first state in India to get an anti-spitting law if cleared by the Assembly. Under the proposed law, a fine of Rs. 1000 and provision for one-day community service at a public office or a government office have been made.

Q11. Name the chief architect of Navi Mumbai who passed away on 16th June’15?

A. Charles Correa 
B. B V Doshi 
C. Laurie Baker 
D. Raj Rewal

ANSWER: A. Charles Correa

Charles Correa was one of India’s greatest architects and urban planners, known for adapting his designs to local climates and building styles. Some of Charles Correa’s iconic works include Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya Ahmedabad, the Handloom Pavilion in Delhi, Bharat Bhavan and Vidhan Bhavan in Madhya Pradesh, Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, the Permanent Mission of India at the U.N., New York and Kala Academy in Goa.

Q12. Who is the author of the book ‘Recasting India: How Entrepreneurship is changing the world's Largest Democracy’?

A. Jhumpa Lahiri
B. Vikram Mehta
C. Hindol Sengupta
D. None of these

ANSWER: C. Hindol Sengupta

In the book the author explains emergence of new class of entrepreneurs in India, in recent times, especially from geographically and socially disadvantage spaces.
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