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5 things you should remember and must follow to clear MPSC exam

'MPSC' some of you might be very serious about this word. Yes i am too. But MPSC is a very big test all of us are preparing for. In order to clear MPSC exam you must have a approach of a success seeker the and only then you will feel clearing MPSC exam is achievable goal. So getting to the point Which are those things we should remember in order to clear any MPSC exam? 

1. Think and Make yourself clear that MPSC is the only important thing for you now.

Yes you might have decided before that you surely want to give MPSC exam. But very important thing is tell yourself that MPSC is the only thing you want right now and MPSC is the only thing you will give importance. There are other very important events and things happening around  us. Some might be very interesting. But i will suggest you to make MPSC the only important thing.

2. Make MPSC your passion. 

Things and Dreams comes true only when you make them your passion. Make your goal MPSC your life. Don't postpone any work or even any small thing( like writing notes while reading 8th std book for MPSC). Its your seriousness which will lead you to the success and will help you to clear any MPSC exam.

3. Time management

Now lets say you have in your mind very clearly that you want to do MPSC. You have a passion to study for MPSC. But your time management is very poor. You are not giving enough time to study and preparation for MPSC. Then i will say its time to wake up. And start giving as much time as possible to MPSC and less time or no time for other small and unnecessary things. I am sure all of you know which are the unnecessary things you must avoid. MPSC needs dedication and since vast syllabus Time so give it. Make timetable engage your 12 to 15 hours if the day for studies. Don't make them flexible. 

4. Join study circle, library and get access to the various books

Next very important thing is Your friend circle and Study circle where you can discuss about MPSC current and Your doubts. Make friends who are serious about MPSC exam and preparing very seriously. Join study circles where professionals will help you on any topic related to MPSC. Join silent, spacious and books rich library, and make sure it should be near to the place where you live so that you would not waste time in traveling. With that MOST important thing is BOOKs. Yes, you can succeed in MPSC exam only when you will have access to the important as well as huge amount of various books related to various topics in MPSC. So spent on Books an read as much possible to you.

5. Keep calm stay confident and remember you are worrier and keep fighting.

Above things will help only when you stay calm during exams, keep studying, and stay confident. Staying calm will help you in recall things you might have seen only once. Confidence will you to get past any challenge you will face in MPSC interview an MPSC exam. As well as Confidence will help you to face any complicated situation in MPSC and your life. Confidence doesn't mean over confidence. So stay calm and keep confident. Prepare sincerely. Then and only then you will be success full in MPSC circle. 

I will add more point as per your suggestions. So comment in comment box what do you thing about all the point. Tell me which point should i include? And about other important point. All of us preparing for MPSC and i want to make this blog to help everyone and make MPSC little more easier. So send me if you have any data related to MPSC on With that you can ask any query regarding MPSC and various subjects which comes under MPSC in discuss forums. As well as on above mail. 

Thank you for your patience. All the best. :)
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